Dr. Amy Hetherington

Amy joined the lab in February 2016 as a postdoctoral research associate focusing on a coupled natural human systems project linking land use decision-making, water quality, and lake associations in Lake Mendota, Oneida Lake, and Lake Sunapee. She is investigating the interactive effects of climate change and land use on water quality using a lake physical, chemical, and biological model and distributed computing. Additionally, Amy is exploring tradeoffs between producer profit and lake water quality by coupling economics, watershed, and lake physical, chemical and biological models.

Amy earned her PhD, MS, and BS from Cornell University. Amy’s overall graduate research focused on understanding impacts of climate change and invasive species on the physical, chemical, and biological dynamics of lake ecosystems. Prior to graduate school, Amy worked as an international management consultant for 10+ years assisting the public and private sectors adapt to change globally.

Hetherington Photo